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That makes us so special

In order to be able to measure our high-quality requirements every day, to be even better, even more lasting and even more unique, we have described our passion for organic and delicious products with eight characteristics:

  • Natural We only use premium ingredients from controlled, organic cultivation
  • Pure We do not use any additives, preservatives or coloring agents
  • Fresh We produce on demand and only supply freshly produced organic premium specialties
  • Craftmanship First-class ingredients are carefully, artisan produced
  • Authentic We produce our products according to our own authentic recipes using the best ingredients only
  • Sustainable We continually improve our sustainability and manage our resources with care/li>
  • Thoroughly We are certified by the BCS-Eco-Guarantee (BCS-Ökö Garantie) and control every product with our own quality management
  • Exquisite With the quality and the delicious taste of our products we contribute to a sustainable, enjoyable life

Consistently organic

Eisblümerl works consistently organically and we can prove this:

We are regularly inspected by “BCS Eco-Guarantee” for worldwide certification of organic products according to different standards.

Here you can view and download our actual certificate:

For further information you can contact us by email: