About Eisblümerl Naturkost

Natural food, isn't that something for you too?


Maybe your first thought was that natural food reminds you of raw salads, dusty drugstore shelves and funny smelling mom-and-pop stores? But that's not what natural food is about!

For us, natural food means delicious premium and organic products from purely natural ingredients.
We take high care and concern in the selection and purchase of our organic raw materials originating from certified organic cultivation.


Natural food means delicious foodstuffs right from nature, without industrial balderdash - simply HONEST organic products!



We stand up for high quality nut products in controlled organic quality and in sustainable packing.


It is evident that we care about social standards of our suppliers and about organic certification of our products.

In our factory, we engage in the most careful roasting and grinding of our valuable raw materials. We firmly believe that a high-quality product must contain the bigger part of the raw material's valuable natural nutrients.


The improvement of the environmental accounting is our concern. We pay attention to a conscious and economical usw of energy and water.

Of course the electricity we use is eco certified and direct from our neighborhoods.


In addition, a photovoltaic plant on the roof of our factory supplies the electricity for our production halls.


It is self-understanding that our products are packed in high-quality and environmental friendly materials: jars with PVC-free lids and cartons from recycling material for the transport. The glass jar is recyclable and, on the contrary to plastic materials, glass doesn't react with and is neutral for foodstuffs!