Origin of our organic raw materials

We follow a fix procedure to choose the suppliers of our organic raw materials. Basic criteria are the organic certification and the guarantee of social standards. When these two criteria are fulfilled, the supplier enters the shortlist.


The next step is to send a sample of the raw material, product specification and analysis results. This is how our purchase and quality security professionally evaluate the quality of the raw material and its suitability for our premium products.


Specifications ans analysis are highly important for our food specialists as they allow them to verify that no prohibited ingredients and additives are contained in the raw material.

We engage in full traceability of our raw materials, for a small sesame seed just alike as for a big recycling carton: a guarantee for an unchanging top quality and top product safety.


Discover the origin of our organic raw materials on the Eisblümerl map of the world:

Quality security

It is our daily business to produce high quality and impeccable products for you. For this purpose, we continuously carry out detailed controls from the arrival of the raw material until the finished product.


Our qualified team controls taste, smell, color, viscosity, texture and other criteria of each production batch. Regular analysis carried out in external, accredited laboratories safe-guard the continously high quality of our products.

By means of these continuously quality controls we are prepared to immediately respond to questions from our customers and consumers.


The close teamwork of our purchase and production experts is a unique feature within the Eisblümerl quality control. This is the guarantee for a gap-free quality from arrival of the raw material until the dispatch of the finished product.

Awards and certificates

We are not alone when we say that our products are super. DLG (Agricultural Society of Germany) joins our option and has multiple times awarded our products with gold and silver medals. Recently, DLG has awarded five gold and four silver medals!

For example, for our fresh druit purées, the creamy almond nougat with whole milk and for the smart Studentenfutter spread.


You have certainly noticed the organic seal on our products. It guarantees that the product originates from ecological cultivation in accordance with the strict EU Eco Norms and Regulations.