We love natural raw materials and are passionately creative!

Therefore, ever since 1998, we have been producing with great care and our own recipes exiting organic premium products.

Of course, since the very beginning, in artisan production in Germany.


We are sure you will find your favorite product amongst our vast range of full-flavoured nut purées, unrestrained bitter-sweet spreads, addictive nougat and nuts-fruit spreads, fresh fruit purées and oils, chocolaty creamy spreads and all the other delicious products. Healthy, economically sustainable products without industrial balderdash - simply purity that you can taste!

Convince yourself ans spread, cook, bake, mix and snack as much as you want and with your own creativity.


All our products are:


mostly vegan

100% organic

made with passion

extremely delicious

Nut butter


Nut meets fruit: hazelnut-date, almond-cranberry, trail-mix

Choco-Nut: choco-peanut, choco-hazelnut, choco-coconut

Nougat: peanut-nougat, hazelnut-nougat, almond-nougat, walnut-nougat

Bitter-sweet: bitter-sweet hazelnut, bitter-sweet coconut, bitter-sweet-choco

Peanutbutter                                                                                                                 Hazelnut-brittle