100% walnut


gluten free*

*by nature

Walnut butter

available in 250g

We carefully process roasted, organic walnuts in our factory to a tasty purée.

You are invited to mix, snack, cook, spread the walnut butter.


Our walnuts are fat free roasted. We don't use additives.
Therefor the nuts' own oil may deposit on the surface.
Simply stir the butter until it is creamy.
We use natural products which may show texture fluctations.
Store the open jar in a dark place and away from heat.



100% walnuts* roasted
* from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of peanuts, sesame and tree nuts.


Perfect to:
cook, bake, snack, spread, fill, ...


Average nutritional values for 100g:

Energy                                            2812 kJ/ 681 kcal

Fat                                                    64,5g

thereof saturated fatty acids 6,7g
Carbohydrates                             9,5g

thereof sugars                              6,1g

Dietary fibers                                5,8g

Protein                                             12,8g

Salt                                                    0,005g